DraStic DS Emulator APK r2.5.2.1a (MOD Licence Resolved) + GAMES (MEGA)


DraStic DS Emulator apk r2.5.0.4a Full + Games (MEGA)


DraStic DS Emulator Patched is possibly the best Nintendo DS emulator for android of all time. Its fluidity, easy installation and good optimization simply make it the best option to emulate all Nintendo DS games and roms on your smartphone or table with Android. In addition to this version that I bring you this is its latest update, Full purchased and patched (Patched) to work without any problem or inconvenience on any model or Android device.

With this powerful Full Patched emulator you can not only play all your favorite games such as:  Black and White Pokémon , Zelda : Four Swords Adventures, Kirby Mass Attack, new super mario bros, etc. if not you will also have at your disposal a large number of options and configurations that will make the emulation of the roms on your mobile even better.

With functions such as saving your game progress anywhere in the game , saving data in the cloud, improving the graphics of emulated video games, configuring the controls as you like, pausing the game whenever you want, compatibility with all peripherals and controls compatible with the android system today, and many more things that only  DraStic DS Emulator can offer you.

In short, do not waste more time with poor quality Nintendo DS emulators, with DraStic DS Emulator I can guarantee that you will be able to enjoy all those great jewels of gaming from this mythical Nintendo portable console . Do you have a low-end mobile? Do not worry, DraStic DS Emulator is fully functional with simple devices with low memory, as this emulator does not require large resources to work fast and fluid, without any lag.


- Size: 15.21 MB
- App Type: Emulator
- Developed: Exophase
- Suitable for: All public
- Language: Multi language

Requires Android: 4.1 and higher versions.


1-Install apk emulator.
2-Copy the Roms or DS games on our mobile.
3-Open emulator and ready to play !!!

NOTE: If the ROMS (games) do not appear in the emulator, follow these steps:

- Install the ZArchiver browser. (Download HERE or HERE )
- Copy the games in (nds) format to your mobile.
- Open ZArchiver, search for Nintendo DS games and choose the one you want to play.
- When you open the ROM, a tab will open with several Apps to choose from, among which you must choose the DraStic DS emulator.
- And you will automatically start playing the game without any problem.
- To play any game you must repeat the steps already explained here.

Nintendo DS game pack, with more than 50 ROMS: DOWNLOAD

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